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If you went through the United States Air Force BMT after the modern Air Force was created, there is good news. Whether you went through Lackland in 1947 or 1997, the Air Force has been putting all of your military photos from basic training online for everyone to see.

They have not yet gotten all of the flights on the Air Force’s BMT Flight Photos Site. There is a huge backlog that the airmen who are charged with collecting and posting the photos have to go through. Plus, they do not have access to all of the historical flight photos. Instead, they are relying on donations from airmen of the past to donate their photos to the cause.

They are on the lookout of high-quality images of your Air Force BMT Flight Photo scanned in digitally. The pictures can ideally be sent through email to Any physical photographs can be delivered using the U.S. mail to:


2320 Carswell Ave (Bldg. 7065 Room 2)

Lackland AFB TX 78236-5155

In the meantime, for anyone curious about the Air Force history of uniforms, basic training, or culture can browse through many years of basic training photos from the 1940s through graduating airmen of today. It is fascinating to take a look at how the Air Force has evolved, as well as the Armed Forces of the United States and even how the American culture in general has changed over the years.

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