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With the tension that still exists between the US and the Middle East, a missile shield has been built in Romania by the United States government. NATO says that it will act as an interceptor station that will ensure the security of the US and its citizens. It will help counter both short and medium-range ballistic missiles that may be directed towards the US.

A ceremony was held to celebrate the accomplishment of Aegis Missile Shield, and it was attended by top US and NATO officials. During the ceremony, it was discussed the Aegis was built to protect all NATO nations from any missile attacks from the Middle East.

The NATO also mentioned that the setting up of the missile shield base in Romania was perceived as a security threat by Russia. However, ever since Moscow’s annexation of UK Crimea peninsula in 2018, the US and Russia have never had a stable relationship.

In attendance was NATO’s sec-gen, Jens Stoltenberg. He was accompanied by other military generals to the ceremony in Romanian Air Base which is located 110 miles SW of Bucharest in Deveselu. The air base was equipped with a radar and an SM-3 Missile interceptor.

NATO and The US Reassured Russia There is No Conflict of Interest

During the ceremony, both sec-gen Stoltenberg and other dignitaries who were present. They sent a message to Russia saying that the Missile Shield wasn’t built to undermine their nuclear deterrent. He also spoke of the missile shield in Poland. Confirming that it is also meant to stop missiles from the Middle East and not Russia.

NATO’s sec-gen also made it clear that the interceptors are built far from Russia, and there is no way they can be able to stop missiles from Russia.

The activation of the Aegis Missile shield in Romania was perceived as a security threat by Russia. They claimed that building such a shield close to its country is a threat. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, had earlier asked who the system will be against. A clear indication that this wasn’t met well by the Putin’s administration.

Politics Aside, How Does the Aegis Missile Shield Work?

The Aegis Missile interceptor is built and designed to not only be on the lookout for incoming enemy missiles. But, the interceptors can shoot down warships or missiles as they are still in the air. The ability to fire at the missiles while in space is a great development because it will ensure zero casualties in case of an enemy threat. This is because the missile won’t be able to reach the intended destination.

The works of building the missile have taken approximately five years. Having been started back in 2013. This was a project that had been well though, planned and done. It is believed that the US government spent more than $800 million on the project.

This is however not the end of the Aegis Missile project. A similar project is currently ongoing in Redzikowo in Poland. It was initially stated that the interceptors were to be activated in Redzikowo before the end of 2018.

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