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Planning to join the army? Then, during your application process, you are probably going to come across the tape standards at MEPS. To familiarize yourself with the tape standards, you must first know who MEPS are and what do they do.

Who are MEPS?

In full, MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station. You will have to pass by MEPS if you do want to join the army. It is part of the procedure. Your recruiter will direct you to go to a MEPS near you where you will be taken through a physical and medical exam. Once you are confirmed at MEPS, you are then sworn in and go straight training.

What is The Military Tape Test?

It is a circumference measurement around the belly button and the neck which is used to calculate body fat. You can now your tape test measurement by using an online body fat calculator. The military today takes physical fitness very seriously. It is why for you to join the military, you must pass this test. The reason behind the test is a recent survey that showed the military has more than 8% of people who are obese.

The required tape standards at MEPS requires all applicants to have body fat levels that are below 28% and 36% for men and women respectively. If one, however, fails this height or weight standards, they will have to undergo a tape test to determine their body fat.

What Are The Consequences of Exceeding The Tape Standards at MEPS

As a soldier, you are required to be physically fit so that you can cope with the day to day duties. Being unfit does also pose other health risks such as diabetes or cancer. Failure to meet the tape standards at MEPS, the following consequences are likely to occur.

1. You can be re-enlisted.

2. You may be disqualified for future promotions.

3. You won’t be submitted to military schools.

4. You can’t be chosen for leadership positions.

Both the marine, army and Navy have a standard height and weight tool index that they use to assess potential applicants. Those who fail this test are asked to get a tape test. The test then helps the officers in charge to determine those who are overweight.

For men, the tape test measures the neck and the waist. For women, however, the tape measures both the neck, waist and the hips. In both genders, the neck value is deducted from other measurements. This, in turn, provides the MEPS officers with the circumference value. These values are then used to measure body fat as per the chart provided by the Pentagon.

Most candidates have complained that the tape test isn’t accurate. However, the rules are the rules. Therefore, unless the mistake was caused by human error, the values deduced are the ones that are used to shortlist candidates. There has also been complaints from troop members arguing that the tape test isn’t fair. Others say it shouldn’t be used to determine one’s career. But, until the rules are changed or reversed, the tape standards at MEPS remain to be part and parcel of those who wish to join the military.

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