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Electronic Warfare systems play a significant and prominent role in Russia’s efforts to integrate command, control and communications. And now, Russians military units have a reason to smile after they received cutting-edge electronic warfare systems. With this new Krasukha 4-electronic warfare system they can use to counter an opponent’s radars of the strike. The western military district was given about 10 of these warfare systems that include the Krasukha-4 broadband multifunctional jamming stations, Igor Migunov, District’s press service chief said while addressing the media.

According to him, the western district military have already started using the Krasukha 4 as part of the 2016 state order. He gave an assurance that the Russian government is going to test the new systems in January. Krasukha-4 is designed to make things easier by countering unmanned aircraft and drones. These new systems can do that since they are supported by the capacities of a broadband interference station.

The systems are expected to be tested in Syria since that is the ultimate testing grounds for Moscow. Russians military forces have been successful at using electronic warfare (E.W.) technology to interfere with how the United States and all its allies operate on the territory of the Arab. With this modified and advanced system, the military is more enforced and equipped.

Some months ago, the U.S geospatial Intelligence Foundation’s 2018 GEOPINT symposium, gave a speech through General Raymond Thomas, commander of United States Special Operations Command saying that Syria is the most aggressive E.W. environment. He went ahead to complain about how the Russians are using the E.W technology to disable the EC-130s and interfering with their communications systems. Even though he did not directly pinpoint Moscow, according to the experts, it is only Russia that has such advanced capabilities to carry an interference in Syria.

And with them being given the Krasukha-4 systems, things are going to get smoother for Russian military units. It can encounter radars of attack and reconnaissance, and according to reliable sources, it has already been deployed to Syria. Krasukha-4 is a truck-mounted radio emitter that can also control channels for drones, in turn, makes the planes “blind and deaf.”

This new unit adds to the other systems that were being used by the Russian military in Syrian territory. They include the Richag-AV radar and sonar jamming system and the Moscow-1 unit that can scan the airspace and transfer information to E.W systems for them to neutralize the targets. Russia uses jamming to limit future incursions, that is according to Conor McKenna, Doctoral Researcher in Cyberwarfare at the University of Birmingham.

However, according to Brandon Valeriano, Donald Bren Chair of Armed Politics at the Marine Corps University, he says that jamming communication is easy, but the problems comes with jamming GPS and other systems because they are a bit complicated. He doesn’t think that other superpower countries should be worried even with the Russians having the new Krasukha-4.

Moscow has been on the move to enhance its EW capabilities further. And the introduction of EW-4 is just the beginning. There are reports that it has plans to develop an electronic warfare system based on an upgraded Ilyushin Il-114-300 plane. E.W developers are seeking to create a system with greater automation and mobility.

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