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In current events, it was no surprise that once the Vienna nuclear deal had been announced, Iranian critics from all walks of life went on social media to start a battle. The Iranians argued over the pros and cons of this agreement. There cases were put forward by the experts, and people continued to argue and debate and agree. Some of the most vicious and earliest rows in Persian shows up on the Instagram page of President Obama.

Both sides, whether for or against the Vienna agreement, used all tools possible at their disposal to drive make their point very clear. They used occasionally broken English, sometimes defective Persian, and Finglish, which is often unintelligible Persian in Latin script. People used all kinds of faces and hearts emojis, the very worst obscenities possible, apologies for these curse words used by others, and some not so funny jokes.

Below is a snapshot of just some of the comments made.

Some of the Iranians were thanking Obama. Narges wrote that they admired the job he was doing, and how thankful they are that he had given them this chance. They stated that they would keep the promises they had made and would not disappoint Obama. Simpler messages including thanks from Iran and people stating that they loved Obama, plus many variations on heart emojis.

One of the most vocal opponents of the nuclear agreement was the user Fereshteh 0112. As her comments went on, they got angrier and angrier. She wanted to know if their nation had forgotten so many past disasters, and stated that her country still stated “Death to You” and Death to America.” She went on to attack anyone who had voiced thanks on the feed. She posted that as soon as an agreement was made, they forgot everything, and how she wished that they had been amongst the people who had lost their loved ones and families to the stupidities of America.

Someone called Mary agreed, saying how can she love someone who supports bombing Yemen and how can you love someone who is happy about retrieving the dead bodies of children and women from the buildings that were bombed.

Fereshteh and others got a varying range of responses. Some were offensive, while others were polite. One more polite comment directed to Fereshteh stated that everyone who lost their lives was because of the stupidity of the country. They said that the people who were responsible for the blood of all these martyrs in the war of eight years are people who could have gotten to this agreement twelve years ago so that there was no more bloodshed.

Someone else accused Fereshteh of having the same thought train of the Israeli Prime Minster. However, Fereshteh stood her ground and became more combative. Many similar comments followed, and in the end one user went on to thank Obama for his courage in solving the nuclear problem with Iran. They went on to say he should ignore the ugly jokes and the individuals on the feed, saying that Iranians are jokesters, especially once they get on the Internet.

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