Morocco Buys Sky Dragon 50 2611


In current events, an unspecified number of Norinco Sky Dragon 50 surface-to-air, medium-range missile systems were delivered to Morocco in December of 2017, as reported by the website. China owned Norinco marketed an improved version of the Sky Dragon 50 at the Africa Aerospace and Defense show. This show was held in mid-September. The Sky Dragon 50 is easier to operate and more affordable than its rivals. It has also been marketed in African and Southeast Asia nations.

Norinco first unveiled the Sky Dragon SAM system in 2012 at the Eurosatory show with the mobile IBIS-150 radar supporting the launcher vehicles. Each had four missiles. At that time, Norinco stated that the system was in the final development stages.

The product brochure for Norinco states that the Sky Dragon 50 has combined air defense weapons for strategic locations and field operation with the ability to sense remote air situation. It providers users with air-defense solutions which are integrated from detection to strike. A representative from Norinco has said that the Sky Dragon 50 has a forty percent lower cost in comparison to similar systems available on the market.

The Sky Dragon 50, according to Norinco, consists of up to six mobile launchers, an IBIS150 or IBS 200 target search radar, a fire distribution vehicle, and FW2 fire control radar. There is an active radar seeker on the missile and this Chinese system can engage with twelve targets all at once from fifty kilometers and a height of up to twenty kilometers.

The system has a three-dimensional search radar which has a range of one hundred fifty kilometers, a reloading unit, a command and control unit, and three missile launchers. Each of these are capable of firing four surface-to-air missiles.

This system is most used to protect vital land formations and installations from various air threats like attack drones, helicopters, cruise missiles, and fighter jets. This is especially true since the system can strike at a height of only about thirty meters and hit a target which is very low.

The military cooperation between China and Morocco has been growing significantly, with China, along with medium-range air defense, is incorporating systems which are more sophisticated.

Since the recent deal, which has included short-range air defense systems as well, plus radars and tanks, and medium-range missile launchers, the Moroccan-Chinese military relations are now more strategic. They will also include the transfer of some of the military technology of China to Morocco.

The Sky Dragon 50 TEL unit is based upon a 6×6 a BeiBen truck model 2628 that is motorized with a Diesel 4-stroke direct injection engine, turbo-charging, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, and intercooling. BeiBen Truck is a manufacturer of heavy-trucks that is based in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. It is part of the North industries Group Corporation. The front of the truck has a crew cabin which fits two people and a single door on either side. The truck can go at a maximum speed of eighty-five kilometers per hour.

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