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If you have had any friends or family who have joined the military, you might have heard them discussing how they had to go through MEPS testing. Military Entrance Processing Station, or MEPS testing will occur after you go through some initial questioning phases with your recruiter and have talked about your options. Your recruiter sets an appointment for you to go to the nearest MEPS. Here, you take the ASVAB, have a physical, and if you pass, you choose what job you want to do and swear in.

Everyone who enlists in the military has to meet certain physical requirements. This is so they ensure potential recruits can make it through Basic Training safely and also meet the daily demands of service. Every applicant has to meet with a physician for an exam, which is similar to the yearly checkup you would have with your family doctor. It is essential that you disclose any health issues prior to this time. It won’t necessarily be grounds for disqualification, and your answers are usually confidential. You must be honest because an answer that is false can result in health risks later on.

Everything takes about two days, but there are some cases which can make things take more or less time. Some applicants will go into their branches Delayed Entry Program, or DEP, and then go home after MEPS to wait until their date of leave. Others will go to basic training right away after MEPS is finished. It is important to remember that you have not joined the military before attending MEPS, but by the end of it they will ask you to.

Helpful hints think about before you go to MEPS:

Talk about any childhood medical issues with your parents and bring with you any documentation.

Have your birth certificate, driver’s license, and Social Security card with you.

Take out any earrings, as they interfere with the headset used during the hearing test.

Clothing with offensive wording or profanity is not accepted.

You cannot wear hats inside the MEPS.

If you wear contacts or glasses, make sure you have them with your lens case and prescription.

Shower or bathe the night before you take your exanimation.

Wear undergarments.

Before taking the CAT-ASVAB, get a good night’s sleep.

Wear moderate, neat, comfortable clothing.

Do not bring watches, stereo headphones, excessive cash, jewelry or any other valuables.

Talk with your recruiter for a list of persona items which are recommended to bring to basic training.

You have to report on time – Processing at the MEPS begins early.

Physical examinations are very important since everyone entering the armed forces have to be in great health to endure the challenges of military service and basic training. You have to remove your outer clothing during parts of the examination. Your physical exam includes weight and height measurements, blood and urine tests, vision and hearing exams, alcohol and drug testing, joint and muscle group maneuvers in underclothes, an interview and complete physical examination, if required specialize testing, plus secondary hearing and vision tests and other tests if your medical history is unusual.

Do not forget that many conditions can be waivered, but you have to have the appropriate documentation. Ensure your check with your recruiter beforehand, as you need all documents with you, or MEPS will disqualify you.

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