Iranian Qaher 313 Stealth Fighter Real Or Bs 1947


On the 1st of February 2013, the Iranian government publicly launched the Iranian Qaher 313 stealth fighter aircraft. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his defence minister Ahmad Vahidi, on the next day, made a press presentation where they stated that the Qaher 313 was a next-generation aircraft. However, this was met by a lot of opposition from political experts from all corners of the world who claimed that the Qaher 313 stealth fighter is a fake. Amidst all this confusion, do you always wonder the Qaher 313 is real or not?

The Iranian residents did receive the news quite well unlike the rest of the world. This was a rise in their country’s defence system. But, five years down the line. There has not been any sighting or news regarding the Qaher 313 stealth fighter. This might in one way confirm what aero-scientists claimed back then that the aircraft was a fake. The project has disappeared completely.

Back in 2013, analysts did claim that the launching of the Qaher 313 was mere propaganda. It was a mock-up meant to show supremacy in the battlefield from an in-depth examination of the photographs and videos of the Qaher 313. It can be observed that the aircraft does have a small radar section. I could have qualified as a test craft and not an actual one.

Secondly, the minuscule size did give it away. As per the size of the so-called stealth fighter. There wasn’t adequate space to fit avionics and fuel. There was not enough room for weapons. And, judging by the size of the nozzle, it almost appears as if there was no engine fitted onto the aircraft. Plus, there were also no inlets near the engine area of the plane.

Experts also brought into question as for how the aircraft had a small cockpit, to the point that an average sized man couldn’t fit in. Israeli engineers did also notice a lack of a weapons bay. How would have the jet carry armaments?

In summary, the features of the Iranian Qaher 313 stealth fighter appeared to be fake. Other than the claims from aerospace technicians and scientists, the lack of any sighting or news about the stealth fighter in the past five years does more than validate the claims. Nonetheless, there have been claims that Iran could one day attain a credible stealth aircraft.

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