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The Wiesbaden Army Base is one of almost fifty American bases found in Germany. It hosts nearly fifteen thousand individuals. Almost three thousand of these are actual military troops. Even though this many inhabitants would put this base easily in the category of the ones that are the most populated in the USA, where it is located in Germany it is looked at as a regular sized base. A majority of bases here are huge and have been established for decades. Also, since Germany is a European territory, it means that deploying troops in or out of base is not that easy of a task. Many of the initial communities, in other word, that were established here are still there and continue to grow.

This base’s mission and objectives are similar to other nearby military bases in the area. Although it is in stand-by mode, it is always ready to step in and give full support during conflicts that are long term or whenever the situation is needed. In the meantime, the mail goal is to provide an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle for the inhabitants, whether they are military or their families.

If you plan on visiting someone on base, you need to know the requirements for entry ahead of time so you do not get caught in an endless loop of being turned away from the gate guard. Bases different from branch of service, and they also can be different from within the same service. Not all military bases are the same and the installation policies depend on actives being currently conducted on the installation.

Even though in current events these installation policies differ, there are some tips that you can take note of to get you started.

A DoD, or Department of Defense ID is needed when you enter any base. Some bases may require you and every person in the vehicle to show an ID. If you are a passenger and don’t have a DoD ID you can show the gate guard a valid driver’s license in many cases. Some bases require that they scan your ID. If it is not up-to-date, you will not be able to get access to the base.

If you do not have a DoD ID, or you do not have an escort, but you need to enter the base, you have to go to the visitor center of the base. These are usually located near the main gate.

Any caregiver who is non-military can get onto base if you are accompanied by a child who is in possession of a valid military ID. Plus, you have to own an active power of attorney or a custodial agreement saying that you are the current guardian. If you are driving onto base, you also will need to show your current driver’s license, registration information and registration.

ID requirements for getting onto base can be at times frustrating, especially if you do not know what the policies state. However, remember that they are in place to ensure the safety and accountability for all associated with the military.

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