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On February 2017, the Government of Norway publicly declared the strategic cooperation with Germany for procurement of submarines where Germany seeks to obtain Naval Strike Missiles for its Navy. These two countries will establish a long term agreement for the acquisition of these vessels. The deal is the first section of this contract and lasts for a period of one year.

The contract is a crucial achievement in this long term cooperation between Germany and Norway on missiles. This missile is as a result of the exceptional triangle cooperation between the Armed Forces, FFI and the defence industry. This was according to Erik Lie who is the President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.

What is NSM?

First of all, it is Naval Strike Missile in full. It is a 5th generation anti-ship missile. It was created by Kongsberg for the Norwegian Government Navy. It reached its primary functional ability on both the new Norwegian Skjold Class corvettes and the New Norwegian Nansen Class in the year 2012. It is fielded by the Polish Navy and has been picked by the Germany and Malaysian navies. NSM also won to be the best Over-The-Horizon Weapon System in the US Navy.

The Vice President of Missile Systems at Kongsberg Mr. Hans Kongelf said that NSM has the following strengths:

Target recognition-Every NSM has a library of ship profiles to recognize the different classes of every ship.

Defence penetration capabilities, stealth, high G manoeuvres and sea-skimming flight profile.

The Naval Strike Missile is currently available and is being produced.

About NSM

NSM is also a land-attack missile. It has been in service since 2012 and originated from Norway. This missile is being used by the US, Germany, Norway, Poland and Malaysia. It weighs 410kgs, is 3.95 m long with a skimming optional flight altitude. This missile has the following guidance systems: target database, GPS, Imaging Infrared homing, Inertial and terrain reference navigation. It can be launched from land-based vehicles and naval ships. Its warhead is a 125 kg HE-blast fragmentation.

Apart from that, the NSM has an engine which is a solid fuel rocket booster and is a Micro turbo TRI 40 turbojet. Its operational range is 185km for profile dependent, 185 km for low profile and 555km for high-high-low profile. This missile initially had a Norwegian name which meant New Sea Target Missile.

Other than Germany buying the Norwegian missiles. This will also be a show of combination of strength between the two countries. Norway is expected to bring its key technology of missiles on the table, whereas Germany is supposed to provide the training and logistics in military action. This is also an important signal for cooperation in Europe. Both governments have showed willingness to partner and cooperate with each other. It’s a massive stepping stone that other European Nations are likely to emulate. The negotiations are expected to start soon. Moreover, the project is open to other countries that are willing to join. According to German’s defence minister, Ursula, procurement of identical weaponry signifies both joint development and cooperation.

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