French Navy Creates a Seventh Commando Marine Special Forces Unit Named Ponchardier 644


The Ministry of Defence in France made an announcement that the head of the defence ministry Le Drian will preside over the inaugural function for the formulation of a new Commandos Marine unit on 11th September 2015. This brand-new unit will be responsible for support in special operations and logistics. This unit was set up on 1st September 2015 and acquired its name after the Vice Admiral Pierre Ponchardier (1909-1961), commander of La Fayette aircraft carrier and deputy chief of the Navy Staff. He became prominent amid World War II when he formed the resistance association with his brother. The organization was called “Sosie”.

Commandos Marine Unit

The Commandos Marine unit and the France Naval Infantry are under the command of FORFUSCO which is Force Maritime des Fusiliers Marines ET Commandos. In the course of missions, Commandment des Operations Speciales (COS or Special Operations Command) organizes the Commandos Marine.

The newly appointed “Commando Ponchardier” will join six other Commando Marines situated in Lorient, Brittany apart from one in Touon, Southern France.

Commando Trepel and Commando Jaubert

Trained for close quarter’s combat, counterterrorism, attacks on land and sea and hostage release.

Commando Kieffer

Commands (C31) Special Forces groups and enforces functional support cells such as CBRN, UAVs and K9.

Commando de Penfentenyo and Commando de Montfort

Trained for intelligence, neutralization, reconnaissance and Joint Terminal Attack Controller.

Commando Hubert

Trained divers for underwater missions, counterterrorism and hostage release. (This is the one based in Toulon)

Despite FORFUSCO consisting of about 2500 sailors, the number would increase by 1000 by the end of 2016 according to Navy Recognition. Majority nevertheless will join the French Naval Infantry units which are specially trained in the protection and guarding of ships and important bases of the French Navy. Due to rise in the risks of terror, the Government of France opted to station troops in major public localities together with train stations, airport and tourist areas among others.

About Commandos Marine

The Commandos Marine was formed in 1942 amid World War II in the United Kingdom. They were made up of Free French Volunteers from diverse sections majorly from the Naval Infantry, the Army and other Navy groups. They received training at the Commando Training Centre in Achnacarry, Scotland and moved to No. 10 Commando as the 1st and 8th troopers. For this to be a remembrance over the years, the beret of the French naval commandos is worn, made to lean on the right with the badge mounted on the side over the temple or the left eye, different from all the other units of the French Army.

The 1st Battalion de Fusiliers Marins Commandos occurred in the Normandy Landing on D-Day under Philippe Kieffer’s command who was the Lieutenant Commander during that time. They moreover took part in the Netherlands campaign that was associated with Commando No. 4. Once the British Commandos were dissolved at the end of World War II, the French troopers were re-established in France to create space for those departing for Indochina.

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