20 Killed 40 Wounded At Orlando Night Club Attack 1194


An armed individual Omar Mateen who claims to have acted on behalf of ISIS began spraying bullets in a nightclub in Orlando at 2 am leaving 53 people hurt and 50 dead. This is the most grievous massacre in the US in this twenty first century.

On Sunday afternoon, ISIS alleged to be responsible for the assault through its news agency Amaq as mentioned by Reuters. Amaq reported that he was a fighter of an Islamic state. Nevertheless it was obscure if the act was instituted by ISIS or only influenced by it.

Pulse which is known to be the best gay bar in Orlando was full with over 300 revellers when it was attacked. It was “Latin Night” which explains the huge turnout. The shooting ended hours after 2 am after police ran in and killed him.

FBI Assistant Special Agent Ron Hopper said that the investigation done in 2013 which was connected to the comments Omar was rumoured to have made to a co-worker affirming a possible link to terror. FBI agents were not able to establish the full meaning of his comments.

In 2014, Manteen was again probed as a result of his connection with an American citizen Monar abu Salha who later drove a truck carrying an explosive into a restaurant in Syria for a member of Al Qaeda. Omar and Salha worshipped in the same mosque though FBI found out that there was very little contact between them.

Omar was a Muslim, a citizen of the US and lived in Fort Pierce, Fla. New York was his place of birth, with parents of Afghan Origin. This was confirmed by Fox News.

He married in 2009. As shown by the marriage license, his wife’s place of birth was Uzbekistan. They divorced in 2011.His ex-wife told The Washington Post that he was unstable and used to beat her even just because of the laundry.

Noor Salman is listed as his wife in a 2013 mortgage form. She had a 3 year old son. It turns out Mateen had no criminal record. He was a licensed security officer therefore he had a firearms license. On the week before the incident, he legally bought a long gun and a hand gun.

The FBI scrutinized his electronic devices and cell phone on Sunday to find out if there was any contact with a terrorist before the attack. This involved looking through his browser history, any chunks of propaganda and his communication with individuals in mobile message and social media apps.

The Orlando Regional Medical Centre officials brought in six surgeons specialized in trauma victims including Dr. Michael Cheatham who is a paediatric surgeon. Majority of the wounded victims were in a critical conditions and the hospital was striving to reach their families.
According to Chief John Mina of the Orlando Police Department, police were at first in a gun fight outside Pulse before Omar went back into the club where more shots ensued. He said Manteen took many hostages. Officials mentioned that Omar did some talking with the police amid this battle but they never the contents of the discussion.

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